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Superb Support

We’re not like other support teams. We don’t just answer the phone, we actually answer your questions too. With PAYE.com, the person who you speak to is always the right person; no queuing, no transferring, no calling back. Just professional, attentive, knowledgeable support.1

Converse with us however you want. Our App will let you start a conversation with us effortlessly and ensure that we’re always on the same page, no matter what your query. We can respond directly in the App too so you don’t need to search for answers in your inbox or worry about having to repeat yourself every time you reach out.

Not just support, rapport. Here when you need us.

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1. The Company cannot and will not provide investment advice as we are not in the business of doing so.


Here are some questions we often get asked. Select a topic to get started. If you have a question of your own please get in touch.

  • What is PAYE.com?

  • Tell me about the PAYE.com App

  • Is the Company an offshore company?

  • Are the contractors employees or self-employed?

  • Why do I need to be an employee?

  • What are the benefits of being an employee?

  • Do I still need my limited company?

  • How does IR35 affect me from 6th April 2021?

  • What are the ‘Off Payroll Working Rules’?

  • What is a Status Determination Statement?

  • Is there any way of getting around this determination and utilising my limited company?

  • Can I work through multiple agencies and have multiple assignments?

  • Will the work I do day-to-day change?

  • How often will I get paid?

  • Do I get payslips?

  • Where do I receive payment?

  • What salary do I get paid?

  • Why do I get a National Living Wage salary?

  • Do I receive a pension?

  • What cash payments will the Company’s employees receive in addition to their net wages?

  • What is a 'Master Advance Agreement'?

  • Will the regular cash advances be liable to Income Tax and National Insurance contributions?

  • Are the regular cash advances the same as cash bonuses?

  • What else does the Company propose to do for its employees?

  • What is the proposed Employee Share Scheme?

  • Will the 'Disguised Remuneration' income tax rules apply to the regular cash advances?

  • What other employee incentive payments will the Company make?

  • Why is Paye.com investing its profits for the benefit of its employees?

  • If applicable, will any benefits conferred in due course from the IEIA on employees be liable to tax and NI contributions?

  • If all benefits received by an employee are taxable, what is the advantage to an employee of working for the Company?

  • Will the employees of the Company make any contributions to the Investment Employee Incentivisation Arrangement?

  • Could the employees of the Company receive an additional bonus/benefit?

  • What legal advice does the the Company rely on?

  • Do financial benefits to employees of the Company depend on tax avoidance?

  • Why would you give me an advance?

  • What about Income Tax and National Insurance?

  • What is HMRC's view on this?

  • Will HMRC challenge this?

  • What are Trustees?

  • What are Beneficiaries?

  • Should I get my own independent advice on this arrangement?

  • Does the PAYE.com advance arrangement have any regulatory oversight?


Available Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 19:00

Call us on 0330 1220 220

Available Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 19:00

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