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An Umbrella Company Employment Option... But Better

Why this works for your business

The benefits of working with PAYE.com aren’t just for our employees. At heart, we’re an umbrella company delivering exceptional service way beyond that offered by the majority of providers. But PAYE.com is also a game changer.

Let us enable you to offer a genuine alternative to your qualifying candidates, a refreshing departure from the generic candidate propositions and minor differentiation between other Umbrellas. PAYE.com is not just a unique employment proposition for your candidates but also for your business; it’s simply the most important elements of Umbrella employment delivered brilliantly.

Your high-level contractors need a more modern approach to employment, one that doesn't look to tax avoidance as a solution. Uniquely, we believe we are an employer that can enable all parties to benefit, the individual, the agency and importantly HMRC.

With the updated legislation agencies must now carefully consider which umbrella companies they work alongside.

To provide further comfort for our agency partners and to ensure complete transparency, we have made the details of our employment solution visible on our website. Again, unlike many options available our arrangements do not depend on any form of tax avoidance.

Finally, a solution that you can rely on.

Join our agency PSL now and offer a unique selling point to your qualifying candidates.

PAYE.com gives individuals a reason to be career contractors, enabling your business to assist in placing them for much longer without them being lured into a permanent placement or isolated by IR35.

We have taken the appropriate advice from legal, compliance, recruitment and accounting specialists, so you can have confidence in our credentials.

Our team will ensure that our employees are paid correctly on every occasion. Our aim is to make sure that the employee never needs to call you regarding payroll, only placements.

We understand that oversights happen. Should an agency partner ever miss a payment deadline, we can have agreements in place where we will pay the employee in advance. Our employees should get paid on time, every time.

Our employees' payroll information is consolidated in one easy to use and secure mobile App. To ensure all users can benefit it is available on both Apple and Android. Please see our video overview of the App.

The likelihood is that your candidates, clients and let’s be honest, competitors, are already talking to us. It’s about time we got to know each other too.

To join our agency PSL or for more information about PAYE.com and its benefits to your business register your details below.

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The Details

In exactly the same way we are transparent with HMRC, we want to do the same for our employees and agency partners. Unlike a lot of other Umbrella Companies our arrangements are confirmed in writing on our website. For further details on how we work as an employer please read the ‘Overview’ section or watch our explainer video here.