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Imagine there was a better way...

With all of the complex rules and regulations, payroll can be difficult to understand, with many current offerings being outdated, too restrictive, highly inefficient or simply not fit for purpose.

The IR35 legislation can severely restrict your options too and add to the confusion.

By not working with PAYE.com you may be left with limited choices such as accepting a reduction in your take home or becoming involved in high-risk strategies that attempt to artificially reduce your Income Tax and National Insurance (NI) liabilities.

Many of these strategies rarely work in principle, let alone in practice. If you decide to participate in one of these schemes you may find that it’s challenged by HMRC and that you become subject to a tax investigation. This may result in you having to pay additional Income Tax and NI, as well as interest and even penalties.

Imagine there was a better way.

A way where you are not limited by these restrictive and sometimes unpleasant choices. PAYE.com enables existing technologies to work together, providing what could be a better, more modern employment solution.

There’s nothing revolutionary behind the scenes. It’s simply the way these established processes interact which make the difference, creating a solution where you, the taxpayer, could feel more secure.

The process is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Fully transparent
  • Designed to allow all parties to benefit; you, the individual and importantly HMRC too.
  • As an employee of PAYE.com you will feel all of the benefits of a friendly, contractor focused approach coupled with an app that let's you interact with us as much or as little as you choose.

The truth is, there’s nothing radical here. Similar approaches are used every day by other customer focused businesses and we're making sure that we deliver the same expectations in the payroll arena.

Just consider it as a way that Income Tax and National Insurance obligations will be satisfied with each payment, and a solution that can provide confidence regarding HMRC compliance.

Zero tax avoidance. All tax paid in full.

Simple but effective...

Surely PAYE.com is now interesting?

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